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Gladden Design

ZOOMATES™ - Wooden Logic Puzzles

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ZOOMATES is an heirloom-quality beechwood puzzle game. Designed for all ages, it allows for several different modes of play. Colorful and attractive, it would make a lovely addition to a bookshelf, toy room, or desk.

  • 1 player +
  • Kids to adults
  • 5 minutes +

These animals are roommates (a.k.a. ZOOMATES) and they all need to fit into a space without bothering each other. For example, the mouse can’t be touching the elephant, and the predator animals can’t be directly touching other animals, the crocodile must be touching at least one square of water, etc. The game includes 18 logic puzzles printed on thick 6x6" cards. Puzzle mode is great for 1 player, though it can accommodate working as a team.

The Puzzle mode of the game is suitable for older children and adults, but there are other modes to appeal to younger children. It truly is an all-ages game.

Puzzle mode
Puzzle mode

There’s also a Stacking mode for 2+ players where you see how high you can stack the animals without them tipping over.  Kind of like a reverse Jenga.

Stacking mode
Stacking mode