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Paper Apps™ GOLF - Physical notebook

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Please note that Pencil Dice are sold separately

Roll to get to the hole!

Paper Apps™ GOLF is a pocket-sized golf game.  Each notebook is randomly generated and completely unique. They are 3x5 inches with coil binding, making it a perfect solo roll-and-write travel game!

Each notebook contains 3 golf courses, each with 18 holes, as well as a brief rules section to show you how to play.

  • Players: 1
  • Genre: Roll and write
  • Age: 6+
  • Time: 5+ minutes

The newest addition to our Paper Apps Library!

Gameplay is simple, yet engaging. 

Each hole has randomly-generated terrain, including fairway, rough, water, sand, and trees. You must navigate this to get your ball to the hole in as few strokes as possible. Your path can go over water, but the ball can't land in it. Hitting from the fairway gives you a boost, while hitting from sand shortens your distance. 

Funded in 19 minutes on Kickstarter!

Detailed Rule Guide

You can read the detailed rule guide here