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Gladden Design

Paper Apps™ DUNGEON (Physical Notebook)

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Paper Apps™ DUNGEON is the dungeon-crawling adventure that fits right in your pocket! Each notebook is procedurally generated, which means each 3x5", 60-page notebook is completely unique. 

A simple, single-player experience for all ages. All you need is a pencil, a d6, and a little bit of time.

HOT TIP: We recommend that you also pick up some Pencil Dice to go along with it!

- Every single notebook is uniquely generated

- Take it on the go

- Simple gameplay for ages 6+

How to play:

Gameplay is simple but entertaining: you roll a 6-sided die to determine how far you'll move each turn. Then pick a direction, draw a line, and interact with anything on that line, be it a monster (ouch!) some treasure (nice!) or a teleporter (cool!).

Customize your character, roll your way through each floor, and get items at the shops sprinkled throughout the game. There's even a page in the back to track stats like how many times you died -- so if you die, don't worry! It's all part of the adventure.


@dani_standring Paper Apps Dungeon! Each book is a unique solo dungeon diving adventure! #gamer #games #game #dungeon #tabletop #gaming ♬ I Hope to Be Around (Live) - Men I Trust

Why I made it:

I feel compelled to cut games down to their bones and to see what makes them tick. In that spirit, I'm trying to strip this genre down to its simplest form: 1 player, simple mechanics, no story-telling, just you, a die and pencil, and a series of simple decisions in the face of randomness.