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Gladden Design

"2-Player Paper" Collection (PDFs)

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A collection of 4 downloadable PDFs.

2-Player Paper games are simple games that you can print out and share with a friend. Each game takes only a few minutes to play and includes rules printed right on the game.

Tic Tactics - A more strategic take on the classic game. Think Tic-Tac-Toe meets Diplomacy.

Blob-Gro - A deceptively simple strategy game where you attempt to influence the growth of an amorphous blob toward one of your goals.

Snake for Two - What if you took Snake, and put two people in control of the snake? And made it turn-based? Could be fun!

Flowers of Fratulon - Welcome to the planet of Fratulon, where flowers grow incredibly fast. Be the first flower to reach the clouds to win!